Position : Quality Control Microbiologist
Job Profile :
1) Conduct Sterility Testing of raw materials, in-process, packing and finished products as per IP, BP, USP.
2) Conduct Microbial Limit Tests (MLT) of Raw Materials, Finished Products and Water Systems.
3) Conduct Bacterial End toxin Tests (BET) of Products and Water Samples.
4) Conduct Antibiotic – Microbiological Assays.
5) Preservative Efficacy testing of finished product injectables.
6) Bacterial Culture Maintenance.
7) Discarding of Media and Cultures and conduct sterilization of materials by Autoclaving and operating Dry Heat Sterilizer (DHS).
8) Preparation of specific Culture Media required for different tests.
9) Microbiological Monitoring of Environment in Sterile Production Area which includes Plate Exposure, Air Sampling, Finger Dabs / Glove Print Testing, Contact Plate / Swab Testing.
10) Preparing Trend Analysis Reports of Microbiological Monitoring and MLTs.
11) Preparing microbiology quality control related SOPs and protocols.
12) Sampling of In-Process as well as Finished Products and Water Systems at various specified points.
13) Monitoring of various parameters such as temperatures, air pressures in different areas of the department and chemical concentration.
 Instrument Handled:
2. Incubator
3. Laminar Air Flow
4.Antibiotic Zone Reader
5.Colony Counter
7. pH Meter

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