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for a bakery located in kuwait , we are looking for cake decorators :

Cake decorators are responsible for communicating effectively with customers, taking orders and for the execution of various cake designs using the appropriate tools. In some instances, they may be in charge of training assistants and others in the bakery in which they work.
A career in cake decorating differs from the positions of baker or chef in that cake decorators are responsible mainly for the decorating of cakes as opposed to food preparation.

Skills needed to work in the cake decorating field include manual dexterity, creativity, an eye for detail, and the ability to work well in a team setting. Excellent interpersonal communication skills are also of great importance, as job duties include greeting and taking orders from customers. Prior experience is necessary, but is often a factor when deciding who to hire.
Highly skilled in cake decorating, possessing knowledge of all areas of cake decorating and the ability to decorate any bakery item as directed by the bakery manager.
Cake decorator requires knowledge of basic math and color mixing formulas. Requires creative ability and the ability to identify colors. Must be able to learn taste, content and perish ability of products, safety and sanitation procedures and department policies and procedures.

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