Soil scientist

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Job Description

Leading the soil survey parties in all phases of soil research including preliminary studies, field investigations, compiling and processing of soil survey data, soil classification, assessment of land capability and preparation of soil survey reports and maps.
* Assistance to the Deputy Director in soil correlation and legend building for soil and land capability maps.
* Interpretation of soil survey data for use in various agricultural and non- agricultural projects and writing reports on agricultural development possibilities/ potential for different surveyed areas.
* Conducting field visits and demonstrating important soil problems for technical staff of allied research/extension organizations, post graduate students of allied institutions and foreign delegates.
* Guidance and supervision of laboratory staff engaged in soil and water analytical work.
* Correlation with other research institutions in their research projects related to use and development of soil resources.

Reconnaissance Soil surveyed and reported under the project titled “National Agriculture Land Use Plan” of the following Districts of Sindh and Panjab. Rajanpur, Nausherferoze, Karachi, Thatta, Dadu, Jamshoro and Mirpurkhas.

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