Open Discussion- Salaries in Oman

how much am I worth in Oman


This is an open discussion where you can tell us about your qualification and experience and we give you an estimate about how much you can get in Oman in terms of salary.  Place your info in the comment section and we shall revert back as soon as we can.


Please note that salaries indicated are calculated on gross basis for both Omanis and expats.  Also, it is worth noting that nowadays companies seldom offer car and accommodation apart from cash salary.  Allowances and benefits, except for tickets and health insurance, are all added up to the gross salary.


    • irfanhaideracca - November 26, 2018

      I am Irfan Hyder. I have qualified B.Com, M.Com, PIPFA and CIS and have 8 years of experience as an Accountant in Pakistan so kindly tell me my approx salary as per Oman Market.
      I will be very thankful for you about this kind act and early reply.

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    • Tim - November 27, 2018

      what would be the salary for Control Systems Engineer in oil and gas and with 7 years of supervisory experience

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    • Sami - November 27, 2018

      I’m a civil engineer I have 8 years experience working in maintenance of hospitals, hotels and other similar facilities. How much can I get if I move to work in Qatar?

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    • J.Rama Krishna - December 5, 2018

      I am J.Rama Krishna from India,my qualifications are ITI (Electrician) but I have 8 years experience as a Civil Draughtsman (AutoCAD) from Maldives. At present working as a Civil Draughtsman in India so how much salary can get

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    • Nandhini - December 6, 2018

      Iam a teacher . Have four years of CBSE primary school teaching experience. How much could I earn in private schools of I get selected ? What are all the benefits ? Can I take my child with me. ?

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      • Jobfyadmn - December 6, 2018

        Between RO550 to RO850. You’ll most likely be given family status which allows you to accompany your specified family members and have them covered for ticket and health insurance

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    • Arezoo - January 17, 2019

      I am speacial needs teacher working in Kuwait ,with 10 years experience in Kuwait and 6 years in Iran , how much will be my salary and can I find job in Oman ?

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    • Sub - January 18, 2019

      Hi, i am an optometrist (bsc in optometry ) working in an optical shop since 7 years in oman , how much salaries , can i expect from my employer ?

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    • Hossein Khodadadi - February 8, 2019

      I am have master degree of architect from one of the best universities in Iran with about 15 years of experience in design and project management , excellent knowledge of architectural software like as autocad 2d and 3d , 3d studio max , v-ray and …
      And many other related skills
      I can speak arabic, english and deutsch.
      I wanna know if there any suitable position for me ?
      And what’s minimum salary for this position in Oman?

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      • Jobfyadmn - February 8, 2019

        The answer to your first question about a suitable position can be found by searching our job board. As for the expected salary; it could range between RO650 to RO1,300

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    • Usman - February 8, 2019

      I am Usman from Pakistan. My qualification M.Com [specialization in Finance & Enterprise Resource Planning] and CMA [stage-3 completed] with 7 years of experience in accounts, finance and taxation. What is the expected salary in oman.

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    • Elham Khodadadi D.D.S - February 10, 2019


      I am a general dentist with 7 years of experience in endodontic , rout canal therapy, composition and laminate veneers , cadcam specialist , …
      I wanna know how salary for my position counts ( monthly or percentage for each case ) in Oman and what’s the minimum income for my position and how could I fine a suitable clinics in Oman.

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