Private School Teacher Salaries in Oman

Oman has a few hundreds private schools and kindergartens of all levels.  The standard of quality ranges from small preschools with less than 50 pupils and two or three teachers and assistants to large internationally accredited schools with over a thousands students and hundreds of faculty and administrators.


As parts are becoming more concerned about the quality of education their children receive they have become aware of the cost associated.  Larger and reputed schools have no issue employing the best talents to adhere to quality standards.  In recent years, private schools and kindergartens in Oman have been active and competitive globally with the aim of attracting world-class teachers.


Unfortunately, we have not conducted a detailed salary analysis for private schools and kindergartens in Oman so far.  However, we could share a rough estimate of salaries and benefits in private education based on our teaching jobs post on


Generally, the basic monthly salaries range anywhere between RO400 to 2,400.  Expats in Oman are entitled to accommodation, medical insurance and air flight ticket.  Key benefits for medium to large schools and kindergartens include:

  • Tax free salary.
  • One bedroom or Studio, two bedroom and three bedroom apartment housing
  • Yearly flights
  • Gratuity or end of service bonus
  • Medical or Health insurance
  • Free tuition for a given number and/or tuition discount for dependents

As a matter of fact, even smaller institutions provide most of the above benefits as mandated by labor laws in Oman.


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