Keep telling people that you desperately need a job but they don’t seem to care?

Do you know that your chances of getting hired by telling people that you need a job is almost zero?!

This book reveals some amazing secrets about how fresh graduates should approach the job market when searching for employment.  You will learn the following:

  • How to get a job you want and deserve and stop asking others for charity!
  • How to reprogram yourself so employers being to perceive you as a hot candidate.
  • Where to find high paying jobs that others don’t know about
  • Acquire skills you need to enhance your market value and receive higher salary
  • Get a job even if nobody is hiring
  • Not only to get just a job but to also put yourself on the fast track



If you are in Oman you can buy this book offline for RO3 (Three Omani Rials) by writing to support@hotbusinessidea.com


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