Job Search Assistance


Job Search Assistance

$499.00 $249.00

We capitalize on our deep understanding of the employment market in Oman, our existing relationships with over 200 large and mid-sized companies in Oman and around the Gulf and our cumulative experience in the recruitment arena to help you get hired in Oman.

They will be able to rewrite your CV, advise / work with you on the job search process, interview coaching and also identify potential jobs for you.

You are basically paying them to do the job search for you. And in most places they are not cheap. They will normally charge you fees for each thing that you want them to support. It isn’t easy to handle all of this on behalf of someone else.

The costs are similar to a normal coach and can range from a few hundred to many thousands per session.


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By buying this package you will get the following:

  1. Basic career counseling and profiling
  2. Tailor-made career advice based on your profile and suggestion on available opportunities
  3. Professionally rewritten CV
  4. Work with you on the job search process
  5. 30-Minute Interview coaching and a full report on areas you can improve
  6. Access on some premium reports by on recruitment market in Oman, salary insights, trends, hot jobs and other important information you might not find elsewhere
  7. One-month of Resume Spotlight status on  Your name and photo will appear on the homepage of
  8. Three guaranteed interviews within companies for jobs that suit your profile or meet your expectations



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