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Salary Analysis in Oman During 2018

Part I:


Accounting and Finance Professionals


Our role in is not only to present employers with resumes of job seekers online but also to bring you closer to Oman’s job market.  Today we will start a series of analysis and studies highlighting salaries in Oman.  Our analysis is derived from thousands of jobs we have listed since 2012.  We have spent endless number of hours with HR experts to understand salary structure and rational for each profession.  Our methodology is a mixture of a quantitative and qualitative approach.


Naturally, there are several assumptions you should consider when analyzing salary estimates in Oman.  The following assumptions form the basis of our study:


  • Both Omani and expats earn the same salary

The minimum wage of Omani is currently RO325 as per the law.  The market has set RO250 as minimum wage for white collar expat.

  • Pay difference in each level is due to sectoral difference.

This means that Head of Finance of a company with chain restaurant makes RO1,500, RO2,000 lower than his counterpart at an oil and gas company.

  • No qualification or education advantage.

Salaries estimated for each profession, title, sector and organization size assumes bachelor degree.  It assumes zero effect to professional and fancy qualifications lie CFA, CPA, MBA or PhD.

  • Total salary includes basic+ housing+ conveyance

Expats, by law, are entitled to life and medical insurance, tickets and, at certain levels, family status.  Some of the medium and most of the large companies treat their staff by more than that.  Much more!



The first part of this study will cover salaries of accountants and finance professionals in Oman.  Subsequent parts will be published as and when.



Micro Small Medium


Annual Revenues

<RO100K RO100k-RO1mil RO1mil-RO10mil



Monthly Gross Salary (Omani Rials)

Junior Accountant


350-400 450-550




400-550 550-650


Senior Accountant




Assistant Account Manager




Account Manager



Head of Finance







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10 thoughts on “Salary Analysis in Oman During 2018

  1. Solomon on Reply

    Hi I got a job at college in muscate. The total salary is 1248.85 Oman Rial. I have a PhD qualification with four years experience. Is this salary good.

    1. Jobfyadmn on Reply

      Generally, it’s not much but considering the fact that you only have 4 years of experience it could be an opportunity to build your international portfolio. Also, a very good news is that accommodation cost has significantly declined to nearly 60% in the past three years.

  2. Omer on Reply

    Im married person with one kid of 2years,

    I got a job offer with 400 omani riyal in muscat, oman.

    Providing- food & shared accommodation but not medical or transportation facility.

    Is it a good offer to accept or ask for more ?


    1. Jobfyadmn on Reply

      Your marriage certificate and your kid’s birth certificate will never help use give you a fair pay estimate:)

      Please specify the type of jobs hat you are offered.

  3. Josin on Reply

    I’ve got an experience in Oil and Gas of 3years as a logistics Coordinator and Operations Admin. I have an MBA, what could be the expected salary for a Job if I am looking into anything similar in Oman

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