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About Ibex Globe


About Ibex Globe

About Ibex Globe

Here’s a brief introduction about Ibex Globe. We started operations in 2009.  Initially it held the name “First Capital Financial and Management Consulting”.  It obtained a license to provide financial and management consulting services in Oman.  Initially, the core objective was to provide knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) to businesses in Oman and around the GCC. Our core services were limited to offering outsourced accounting and bookkeeping service and conducting feasibility studies for small projects.  Eventually, we grew across several sectors and developed a rich portfolio of services and products.

About Ibex Globe History

Certainly, the company attained several milestones since inception in 2009.  Evidently, this took some time and a lot of effort.  However, we enjoyed every step in the journey.  Fortunately, the team was up to the challenge and attained milestones achievements. Below is a snapshot about Ibex Globe history:

  • 2010 the creation of database

Developed a comprehensive database of potential customers.  This database form the target market for banks, insurers, auto dealers, sellers of luxury items, retailers and many other businesses.  Naturally, companies in Oman and GCC that are looking to target the right clientele started to rely on our database..

  • 2011 contact center

Obtained TRA license to offer outbound and inbound call center services. Successfully completed a number of telemarketing and data collection assignments on behalf of several clients.  As a result of having the right database, we managed to deliver results to our clients.

  • 2012 job portal

Launched www.jobibex.com which is a job board that specializes in helping local and regional employers identify and recruit Omanis and candidates across all levels and at various capacities. As of the end of 2016 www.jobibex.com has accumulated more than 100,000 resumes of Omanis and expats and has helped over 100 companies in Oman, Qatar, UAE and Saudi fulfill their HR requirements.

  • 2014 employability skills development and training

Launched training programs that specialize in developing employability skills. These programs are branded as “ibexperience”.  This is to reflect the fact that most of the programs are products of our experience in managing Oman’s largest job portal www.jobibex.com. We have successfully delivered training programs to over 600 participants from both the private sector and the public sector.

  • 2015 financing and financial consultancy

Helped a number of established and startup SMEs raise finance through bank loans and facilities. During the first year we managed to raise over RO1.5 millions. We also begun our outsourced financial advisory services to SMEs at various stages.

  • 2016 Startup and business advisory

Begun helping startups Omani entrepreneurs successfully and smoothly launch their business.  We started by helping them rationalize on their scarce resources. The Principal Mr. Ali Al Lawati authored and published two books that helped many aspiring entrepreneurs; “48 Business Ideas that Require Less than $1,000 to Start” and “The LinkedIn Rainmaker”.

  • 2017 Continue online dominance

Lunched a bundle of services that are meant to strengthen our clients’ online presence. This bundle includes: creation and design of technical website, management of social media accounts and SEO and online consultancy.  Obviously, that helped us further understand our clients’ needs.  Consequently, it as instrumental in designing the right solutions to our target market.


  • 2018 Job portal for teaching jobs

Launched www.hireteachers.net.  It focuses on listing thousands of teaching and educational jobs in nursery kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutes, training centers and other establishments around the world.  If you are a teacher looking for your next teaching assignment, start your search here.

  • 2019 Published the First Edition of Oman Salary Encyclopedia

This is Oman’s most comprehensive salary survey.  It covers hundreds of job titles in over 20 sectors in Oman.  In addition, this publication comes with a detailed cost of living comparison between Muscat and other major cities in the GCC.  Learn more about Oman Salary Survey.


  • 2023 job portal for healthcare and medical jobs

Launched www.getdok.com which is an international job portal.  The purpose of this portal is to help hospitals and medical establishments publish job posts and search doctors and nurses resumes.  Doctors, nurses and medical professionals can now register and upload their resumes here.

  • 2024

Begun working with a number of international sports clubs to identify sponsors in the GCC region.  Additionally, Ibex Globe enhanced its manpower secondment services in Oman through expanding into new sectors.  Such sectors include: oil and gas, construction, renewable energy, investment and event management.


  • Talking about Ibex Globe future…

Naturally, Ibex Globe spares no effort to enrich the experience of its clients in Oman and around the world.  Obviously, there remain a number of challenges to overcome throughout the process.  However, we assure you that we are up to the challenge.

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