Buy Oman Salary Survey 2019

Our latest publication “Oman Salary Survey 2019” is finally ready.  The survey covers hundreds of jobs in the following sectors:






-Administrative Support

-Financial Services and Insurance

-Oil and Gas

-Accommodation and Food


-Professional Scientific and Technical

-Other Sectors

رواتب العمانيين في عام 2019

Why Should Your Company Buy a Copy of Oman Salary Review 2019?

  1. Establish the right pay structure in your organization
  2. Plan your future HR cost especially if you are bidding for tenders
  3. Conduct feasibility studies for new projects and business ideas in Oman
  4. Know what your direct and indirect competitors are paying
  5. Understand market indicators through analysis of salaries and purchasing power
  6. If you are a regional or international company planning to enter Oman’s market you will have crystal clear idea about cost of HR
احصائيات سوق العمل والرواتب في سلطنةع مان

Learn about employment market and salaries in Oman in 2019

To complete this survey we interviewed hundreds of HR managers in Oman.  Companies covered in this survey range from extra-large to small enterprises.  These companies employ Omanis and expats in various ratios.

Salaries in Oman in 2019

Oman Salary Survey 2019 is available in PDF format for RO500 ($1,300). You can order your copy by calling +968 22055822 or write to [email protected].