I Changed 3 Jobs in 5 Years and I Still Hate My Boss!

when to change jobs

Typically, younger workers tend to change jobs frequently in pursuit of rapid career growth and financial rewards.  Employers have different perception of moving jobs.  Some would think it is ambitious and go-getting.  While others might get the wrong signals entirely.  


Oman and GCC

Our interaction with recruiters in Oman and across the GCC has shown us that job hopping is BAD!  It could be due to the local culture, the culture of those countries from which most of GCC expats come from, the stage of economic development we go through, the difficulty associated with hiring and sponsoring expats and going through all sorts of pain of labor clearance or it could simply be fear of change.


If you look at the profile of top executives in the region you will detect a pattern of longevity.  Which means, your chances of assuming a top position are highly influenced by the number of years you spend in each job.  Even for less senior positions, recruiters start the shortlisting process by dividing the total years of experience.  The larger the better.


Why Change?

I often ignore requests by those who are yet to complete the first decade at work to help them find another job.  Most of them are either driven by the natural tendency to change or by the desire to get more money.  This is completely natural as this is the age in which we spend a lot of money.  Another common reason for younger employees to change job I simply because the boss is an a#$%^le. 


Whatever is your reason for wanting to change jobs you are actually reacting to another test life is throwing at you.  Simply put, this is just another exam that you need to pass in order to assume a higher position and cultivate all the financial and nonfinancial perks associated with it.  The only difference between this exam and the exams life has induced on you so far is that the results take a while to appear.  It could, literally, take up to a decade or more.  You will be tested by being exposed to all factors that cause you to change jobs frequently.  Every time you change your job you will find someone or something to blame.  That what appears to you on the surface.  However, what appears to the outside world is that you are failing the exam!


Could Change be Bad?

One could argue that changing job frequently could not be that bad and is perceived favorably in other parts of the universe.  Well, the truth is that it is OK to change jobs frequently during the first five years of your career.  However, beyond that initial period changing jobs could be interpreted negatively.  The key reason is that during the time to build field expertise and authority you are whining about your job and chasing job ads.  Another justification could be that life is never easy and fair and you just have to deal with it.  Escaping regular job challenges by moving to another job is just a sign of weakness and inability to face life.


Final Word

My advice to those who have not completed ten years at work is to stick around and build up each stage during their pursuit of career growth.  This is not to say that you shy away from irregularly amazing job offers that come across on the account to wanting to learn more from your current job.  You need to bear in mind that at some point of your life you will be exposed to unpleasant conditions at work.  Running away from these conditions is an easy call but it will certainly deprive you from future rewards. 

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