Five Reasons Why You Should a Video Resume

Omani recording video resumes

A video resume is a short video created by a candidate along with or instead of traditional resume document.  Candidates upload their video resumes  or attach them along with regular resume on job boards.  The video resume is a cool method of telling potential employers more about yourself.  So far, not many jobseekers have a video version of their resumes.  We have configured to enable jobseekers to upload video resumes along with their conventional resumes but unfortunately not a single member made used it so far.

The majority of employers do not require video resume yet and the still rely on document CV.  However, it will eventually become a requirement as videos and podcasts are getting popular.  That is the way this planet is acting anyhow.

Why Video Resume?

Creating a video version of your resume could bring you closer to your dream job due to the following reasons:

  1. Be ahead of the game

As job market becomes very competitive you should seek to differentiate your application from the rest.  Entice employers to pick your CV for revisions among tones of other CVs.  They are likely become curious to watch your video as it is unusual to receive an application with a video resume.

  1. Allow employers to view you from a new dimension

Despite our experience in and handling thousands of resumes we are still unable to assess candidates through their resumes only.  We often underestimate what could be great candidates or overestimate not-so-great candidates by analyzing their resume.  A video resume will surely add the missing part of the puzzle regarding candidates’ true abilities and shortfalls simply from the way they talk.

  1. Develop Presentation Skills

Remember your days in college when you were expected to stand in front of an audience and give a presentation on a given topic? You must have gone through hours of preparation and script writing and rewriting.  Naturally, you are likely to be more vigilant when you are broadcasting your video resume.  You will certainly shoot and change several times before you are happy with the final version.

  1. Enhance Your Outreach

Most job boards today allow job seekers to include a link to their video rather than having them upload large and potential meticulous video files.  The same applies to those who use email to respond to job ads.  Once your video is out there it is made public and everyone can gain access to it.  That includes employers you never heard of offering jobs you did not apply to.  Upload your resume on youtube or other similar websites.  Use proper keywords that help search engines crawls to it and you are in business.

  1. Save Employers Possible Travel Expenses

I have witnessed many cases in which a resume looks impressive.  As a result the candidates from another country are called for an interview just to find out that all the efforts, time and travel expenses have gone into waste because the candidate does not look like his/her CV.  A video resume will give employers a glimpse of what you look like and how you handle yourself during interaction with others.  On the other hand, a professional video resume is likely to get the potential employer to buy you a ticket and book you a hotel to meet you in person.

Nevertheless, you should make sure that your video resume works for and not against you.  It could simply kill your chances of landing an interview especially if lack the skills to look and sound as a suitable candidate.  Therefore, our next article will shed a light on how a professional video resume should look like.

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