A Free Business Idea You Can Start with Less than $1,000

After nine months since launching my book “48 Business Ideas that Require Less than $1,000 to Start” and after successfully selling several copies to serious entrepreneurs-to-be I am giving away one free idea from my book.


Affordable yet profitable business ideas

Online Photo Printing


The Service
This business is really simple and easy to implement. Your customers send you soft copies of images and you send them hard copies of these images. The orders are received online and are delivered through common postal service.

Mobile phones have encouraged people to take pictures of everything all year round. Instead of the old limit set by old camera negative film of 24 or 36 photos you can take as much photos as your mobile memory allows. They can even carry these pictures everywhere and they can share them with friends without fearing that their friends will never return them. Nonetheless, people still want to keep hard copies of their favorite photos. This is due to the fear of losing the soft copies for any reason. Also, people still want to have photos of themselves and their loved ones framed in their living room or office. They would also want to securely sort those photos in an album kept in the attic or in the basement.

If you are planning to offer plain printing service all you need is a reliable printer. You will need to buy a color inkjet printer that can print photos of various sizes. Inkjet printers are known for producing superior output quality compared to laser printer when it comes to printing images.

Your ability to use Photoshop and other photo editing applications is useful. To run a successful printing business you might need to take design class and courses. Your customers might ask you to edit, restore and improve the quality of their photos before printing them. Sure, you could hire someone with that knowledge on part-time basis.

The third major requirement is your online store through which you receive customer orders. Build a website that allows people to place online orders by uploading photos they want to print. The website should be easy to use and allows customers to place and customize their printing job orders. It should be fast as some images uploaded by your customers can run into a few hundred of megabytes in size and take forever to upload and process. Your website needs to be heavily promoted and advertised to attract visitors. It needs some SEO work and strong presence on the social media platforms.

Finally, you will need to establish a range of services, prices, order processing time and delivery methods. Other complementary services could be added to your offer such as fast delivery, higher quality printing, use of premium paper, album of higher quality and, of course, photo editing.

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