Fresh Graduate Guide to Getting Hired in 2017

How to Get a Job as a Fresher


Getting hired as a fresh graduate is a challenge even at good time when companies are desperately looking to hire.  At tough times the idea of hiring a fresh graduate is as bad as saying “bomb” to an airport security officer!  As 2017 is almost here and with the continued pressure on oil producers’ fiscal policies fresh graduates will have a time year ahead.  As far as Oman job market is concerned, we at are confident that there will be enough jobs to absorb national graduates even during the current recession.


According to the national center for statistics and information, the number of non-Omani residents grew in 2016 by 155,000.  The majority of the newcomers are expat workers while a small portion represents their spouses and family dependents.  The number of Omani graduates is not even close to one fifth of the increase of the number of expatriates.  They can surely be absorbed despite the current economic circumstances.


The above findings might sound all rosy to a lot of people especially to those who graduated and are still unemployed.  I assure you it has nothing to do with the system or with local employers preferring expats and people with experience.  It has to do with you and nothing can change the situation unless you change yourself.  Please note that it is not another motivational speech but rather a reminder that you must do something about the fact that you are still unemployed other than blaming everyone and everything around.  Here is a list of tips that will help you find a job in 2017:


  1. Remember that you are on your own

Do not expect someone from the employment office in the Ministry of Manpower to give you a call to attend a job interview.  Besides, do not wait for your name to appear in the newspaper as a nominee for some government sector job.  You are on your own and you have to take matters in your hand and go out and search for a job.  If you go around telling everyone you meet that you cannot find a job and expect people to sympathize with you it might be time to stop.



  1. Nobody is conspiring against you

A lot of us find relief in blaming our failure to some invisible dark forces that are beyond our control.  Private sector employers are encouraged by legislators to hire citizens and they are more than happy to do so if they find the right one.  If you are found fit they would certainly be happy to give you a job offer.


  1. Work for free if you have to

Many freshers miss great opportunities simply because the job pays less than what classmates were offered by another employer.  Some would refuse to work because the salary is lower than the pay scale for similar calibers at the government.  Never haggle over the salary if you are a fresh graduate.  You can even offer to work for free to prove your credentials.  Seek to learn and gain some experience and the money part will take care of itself.  It won’t take long until your true worth is recognized by the market.


  1. Consider sales job

As a recruitment agency, we have hundreds of sales jobs for Omanis at any given time.  Companies admit that during slow times fortifying the sales effort seems a wise strategy.  Unfortunately, sales jobs are not so popular among Omanis.  Frankly speaking nobody fancies the idea of conducting cold calls or convincing people you just met to buy from you.  Most of us prefer a desk or a backoffice job that entails servicing customers brought by people in sales.  If you are serious about leaving the world of unemployment consider a sales job.


  1. Avoid the crowd

A common mistake every fresh graduate makes is to seek employment with larger organizations.  This strategy seldom works as these organizations have stringent selection process.  You have to pass exams and interviews and be the best among hundreds other candidates.  There are smaller companies that offer excellent opportunities for freshers and are overlooked by most job seekers.  Find these companies and offer your services.  There are so many out there, go find them.


  1. Locate the winners

Look for sectors and companies that are recession proof.  These companies will continue to thrive even if everyone else is suffering.  Examples of recession proof sectors are medical and health, law offices, international business and IT.  Also, search for companies that seem to be doing well and ask to join them.  Businesses with thriving business seldom say no to a serious local job applicant.


  1. Act responsibly

Watch out your attitude as what made you a cool kid back in college could certainly act against you while looking for a job.  Check if you have been carrying and circulating a lousy CV.  Check out your behavior and confirm if anything you currently do is considered unprofessional.


  1. Seek professional consultation

Get professional help while preparing your CV.  Hire an experienced coach to help you with your interviewing skills.  Seek to learn from people who are well versed with the employment and HR related issues.  Do not overspend money that you actually do not have.  A professional CV writing service and half an hour of interview coaching should not cost more than RO100.  Learn more tricks and job search skills by reading “How to Get a Job as a Fresher”.


  1. Increase your value to the market

Learn a new language, develop new set of skills, learn computer programming or website design, improve your writing skills, become a better public speaker or attend a workshop on selling skills.  Instead of depreciating in value as you depart college make sure that you increase your market value while you are waiting to be employed.


  1. Consider starting your own business

If you believe that you have a spirit of an entrepreneur than forget about finding a job and start your own business.  You really do not a huge capital to start as some great business ideas can go live using a small capital.  Read the book “48 Business Ideas that Require Less than $1,000 to Start” and it will tell you how to pick an idea and go ahead with it.

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