How to Increase Your Salary in 2024

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Do you want to Increase Your Salary in 2024

If you are serious about how to increase your salary in 2024, carefully read this article.  However, reading alone will get you zero results.  There are certain hard measures you have to make to attain your objective.

As we continue posting jobs in Oman, Qatar and the rest of the GCC we still have to give the same answer to the same question everyday.  “Can you help me find a job?”.  For which, we always answer: No! We are not in the business of finding jobs for those who need jobs but rather helping our clients, employers, find and recruit the best talents out there.  Consequently, we focus on presenting job seekers with tips that make them more attractive to employers.


Tricks to Increase Your Salary in 2024


  1. There is no market rate but rather market value

It’s worth mentioning that employers and employees view the subject of salaries differently.  Employees expect to receive salaries that match their experience, qualifications and skills.  On the other side, employers determine your salary based on what you bring to the table.


So, there’s no predefined market rate but rather market value.  Therefore, you need to work on enhancing your market value.  Show your the market what you can bring and the market will pay you the right price for it.  Nevertheless, it might not happen immediately as we see many employees who are get less than they deserve.  That’s either temporary and will soon change or because those employees’ failure to demonstrate their true value.


2. Be willing to leave your comfort zone

Simply put, no pain no gain.  Growth is painful in nature and requires unpleasant sacrifices and hard efforts.  If you are really want to increase your salary in 2024 you have to take action.  Those whom you wish to compete with in the job market might be way ahead of you.  You will definitely have to cut your screen time watching irrelevant and useless contents.  Besides, you may even have to recalculate your sleeping hours to have just enough sleep.  Finally, you should be willing to change some of your beliefs about your job.

3. Learn a third language

Learning a new language is a tedious and, perhaps, painful task.  Alternatively, it could be fun and a fruitful experience.  One could argue that since English is the language of the universe and I can already communicate in English, why should I learn another language.  The answer is that if you speak the same language as everyone else, you are not unique.  You are like everyone else.


In today’s global economy international companies from around the world are operating in new territories.  Huge companies from China, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil and Russia that have copied the American and British models.  These companies are spreading across the globe.  So, if any of these companies commence operation in your country and you happen to speak their language, do not you think you will have a privilege?


Luckily, unlike before, learning a new language has never been easier.  Just search language learning apps on your phone and you will have unlimited options.  Most of them are either free or very affordable.  Be persistent and consistent. Never start with the intention to quit half way but to go all the way.

4. Seek consultation not advice

The difference from consulting someone and asking for advice is that the former is seeking professional guidance while the later is seeking opinions.  Connect with persons who make decent living and copy what they did to get there.  Unfollow stupid influencers who try to give professional advice.

5. Get certified

If you are serious about increasing your salary in 2024 seek certification in your field.  For example, if you are in accounts and finance go for ACCA, CIA, CMA, CFA or whatever professional qualification out there.  Similarly, if you are in HR you have SHRM which costs anywhere between $300 to $475.  SHRL is another HR certification that comes in handy.  It costs $495 for the exam and $1,995 for the certification. CHRP is another popular HR certification you should consider seriously.  Also, there is SPTD that costs $975 exam fee for ATD members ($1,350 for non-members).  Other fields like insurance, marketing, engineering and healthcare all have their own set of certifications you cannot miss.

6. Be willing to spend a little

If you want to increase your salary (return) you should make some investment in yourself.  Be willing to pay some amount.  Certification courses requires some spending so do some advance language learning courses.  Also, you will certainly have to spend more time developing your skills, getting rid of bad habits and acquiring good ones.


Obviously, there are many other tips to help you increase your salary in 2024.  We have only listed the most common ones.  It’s always up to the individuals to define their own path.


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