2023 is a Promising Year for Salaries and Job in Oman

Job in Oman
Job in Oman

Job in Oman; According to the National Center for Statistics and Information, Oman’s nominal GDP recorded an impressive 30% growth for 2022.  This is the fastest economic expansion in more than a decade. Nominal GDP surged to RO44.1bn in 2022 up from RO34bn in 2021.  And yes, it means more jobs and higher salaries!


Job in Oman: Economic Outlook for 2023

The Ministry of Finance’s estimates Oman’s real GDP to grow by 5.5% in 2023.  Increase in oil and gas production and prices, activities in non-oil sector and the ongoing economic reforms measures by the government are among the drive for the expected growth.  The hydrocarbon GDP is projected to grow by 10.1% and non-hydrocarbon GDP is expected to grow by 2.9% in 2023.


The Impact on Job Market

Recovery across all economic sectors in Oman and the rest of GCC is generating massive job opportunities.  Luckily, the growth seems universal this time.  In other words, it is likely to affect every sector in the economy.  obviously, this was not the case in the past years where a hike in one sector led to a recession in other sectors.  Of course, some sectors will receive higher share of the growth.

Sectors to Watch Out in 2023

At www.jobibex.com we anticipate higher demand for workers and employees in the following sectors:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Retails
  • Private and Public Health Establishments
  • Private Education and Higher Education
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Shipping and Logistics

Salaries in Oman in 2023

According to Oman Salary Survey 2023 published by Ibex Financial and Management Consulting, the forecast for salaries in Oman during 2023 is summarized below:

1. The government having budget surplus due to the soaring oil prices will focus on providing employment within the public sector and subsidizing employment of nationals in the private sector. A substantial number of young Omanis have joint the private sector in 2022 under a scheme whereby the government pays upto RO450/month of their salary.

2. The government is likely to revisit the minimum salary set at RO325 since 2011 to adjust for inflation. An increase of 8% to 15% in minimum wage is likely to come into force during 2023. This will be universal in both the private and the public sectors.


For full salary survey and thorough salary analysis in Oman get your copy of Oman Salary Survey and GCC Cost of Living Comparison here.

A Word on Omanization

Omanization remains a vital issue to the government as far as the Omani job market is concerned.  The government is exploring many strategies and undertaking several tactics to contain the growing number of Omanis looking for employment.  However, it appears that the drive to promote Omani citizens in the job market will not hinder employment of expats.  Hiring Omanis in the private sector will continue to be the driving force in 2023 and beyond.  The government incentivizes and subsidizes companies recruiting Omani freshers.  Besides, the government closely reviews strategies of higher education establishments.  The aim is to bridge the gap between what the employment market in Oman demands and what the education system supplies.


Private sector establishments reported that they have some room to get expat labor clearance than in the past few years.  In addition, the minimum wage for an expat to get family visa reduced from RO350 to RO150.  As a result, Oman total population rose by 1.4% during 2023 from 4.934mil by 2022 end to 5.003 mil on March 26th, 2023.


Must Have to Secure a Better Job in Oman in 2023

  • Specialized knowledge longer experience within the same field, depth rather than width.  So do not be a trader of all and a master of none.
  • Oman or GCC experience gives you a great advantage.  Even having a GCC driving license could mean a lot
  • Willingness to work in other parts of Oman, not only Muscat.  There are exciting and promising opportunities in Sohar, Salalah and Duqm.
  • Progressive career and longer tenure with fewer employers, do not be a job hopper
  • The ability and willingness to upgrade and keep up with the latest development.  When an employer offers you a two-year renewable contract subject to review, they actually review your contract before renewing it.  It applies not only to expat but also to Omani employees.