Do No Worry, There Will be More Jobs in Oman in 2017

Jobs in Oman in 2017

As recession continues to affect GCC countries in the wake of falling oil prices the employment market in Oman is likely to react in a complex manner.  The conventional wisdom calls for rationalizing on HR spending by lower fresh intakes.  However, business managers understand that focusing on cutting cost as a sole means of survival is likely to lead to imminent demise.  They definitely need to consider improving the top line as well.  Any strategy to improve the top line is most likely to result in hiring.  Naturally, fresh hiring will be exclusive for stars who can prove their worth.  If you are wondering about the job market in Oman in 2017 or seeking employment opportunities in Oman this article will clarify a lot of issues.

We are confident that there will be more job opportunities in Oman in 2017.  One needs to be careful though as how to seize their opportunities.  The game just got tougher and what used to work when oil prices were above $100 pb is totally ineffective today.  Working in Oman in 2017 requires different sets of skills and a new paradigm of mindset.  Employers are under many pressures mainly due to lower government spending.

Below is a list of general guidelines on how to get a job in Oman and other GCC countries in 2017:

  1. No “Sir, I need a job” attitude

“Do not mistake me for someone who cares”.  This is typically what employers say to themselves when they hear a job seeker use the famous lame phrase “I need a job, Sir”.  Save your dignity and build up your professional strengths and bring them forward when applying for a job.  No one will give you a job simply because you need one!

  1. Loyalty pays

Employers hate job hoppers.  To prove this point just ask a few top executives about the total number of years they spent with their company.  At this point of time, companies are particular about those who are stable and developed in-depth knowledge about their respective fields.  Typically, anything less than five years of average tenure is considered less appealing.

  1. Prepare to work like a lion but eat peanuts!

Budgets are tight and employers’ hands are even tighter.  Forget about the lavish corporate executive lifestyles you heard about two or three years ago.  Nevertheless, life, overall, has become cheaper around the GCC due to the economic slowdown.  If you are still in doubt about this statement simply ask any landlord around.

  1. Observe the winning professions

Accountants, Finance Manager, Outdoor Sales, Business Development Executives and hospitality professionals remain in demand in Oman and in many other GCC countries.  If you are into banking, IT, training, admin and oil and gas you may want to refer to the last sentence of this article.  Just take a look at our job portal to find out about the winning professions.

  1. Avoid the crowd

Do not limit your job search to popular companies.  Look for sectors and companies that are overlooked by the commons.  Search for businesses that seem to remain intact to the current economic conditions and are flourishing.  For instance, if people limit the consumption of one product due to the decrease in their purchasing power look at the substitute of that product and go apply for a job with the company producing it.  Expand your search and look further.

  1. No substitute to quality

At these tough times businesses employers have the upper hand when it comes to employment.  They are confident that the market is saturated with top talents who would appreciate the opportunity.  It is a no-brainer, they will choose the best.  The least you could do to appear as a quality candidate is to work on your resume.  It is really saddening to see a highly qualified professional with a 29-page long resume.  Even worse, a talented fresh graduate sending an image of a scrambled paper with the word RESUME at the top as an image on WhatsApp!

  1. Dear Fresher: Stop acting hard to get!

It does not matter where you live, you need to hang the following statement in front of your bed and read it every morning: nobody owes me a job, I must try hard and earn the job I deserve and stop complaining.  Grab whatever opportunity you get as long as it will lead you to the path you have drawn to yourself.  Get yourself a job and start the “experience” meter.  Adopt the right attitude at work.  Forget what others have told you about how unjust the employment market is to fresh graduates.  Stop whining and start winning.

8. Local or regional experience does matter

Employers in Oman prefer expats with local or regional experience.  They simply cannot wait for a new recruit to get familiar with the market.  They expect immediate results.  The business cultures around the GCC are very similar.  Employers will appreciate your knowledge of the norms and local laws.  Sometimes, an expat with no regional experience needs several months to get driving license.  This does not mean, however, that new comers to the region will not find jobs.

In summary, despite the fact that Oman and GCC markets are going through rough patch where increasing payroll check is not on the agenda of almost every player in these market, there will be abundance of jobs in 2017.  However, employers would only consider top performers in order to justify what seems to be counterintuitive decision of hiring at these tough times.  Frankly speaking, if you are a mediocre or lack the basic job hunting skills it might be time to look for a job outside the region.  Otherwise, find someone to draft a convincing enrollment application letter to social welfare program in your country.


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