Law of Attraction-First Things First

‘If you want anything in this life you can have it!’

Do you believe this idea?

Your reaction to this statement will tell you where you do stand at this moment in relation to the world that you see. And what you look for is what you will find.


‘The Law of Attraction’ is based on these three principles. Firstly, that our world is in fact abundantly full of ‘the wanted’; as well as ‘the unwanted’. Therefore, we can attract either the positive or the negative into our experience. Fortunately, we are creative individuals so that when we look for the best, we attract the best, and then of course, we can create with the best impulses.


The three matching skills that we must activate as we seek to manifest anything from the ideal job, to the perfect relationship are:

  • The ability to FOCUS
  • The ability to REALIZE
  • The ability to DEVELOP

We can FOCUS on the abundance in our world

We can REALIZE what we actually are attracting

We can DEVELOP that which we wish to create


For example, any day can go one of two possible ways: I wake up, and my first focus is on the dog barking in my neighbors yard, then I notice that one of my slippers has been pushed far under my large bed. Rather than simply turning to my other complete pair across the room, I push myself to strain my arm until it finally grasps my wayward shoe. I grumpily place it on my other foot which now appears to be feeling quite stiff. I walk toward the bathroom with a sleepy vision, reach for the soap which unfortunately slips through my fingers, as I look into the mirror to notice rather dark circles emerging under each one of my eyes. I yawn again, and now begin to dread the wayward state of my day. By the time, I attempt to place the key in the lock to my apartment door (which takes a second try due to my less than hopeful expectations) I push the elevator button and because of my poor timing, my descent has synchronized with no less than 3 other neighbors, all beginning there various days at precisely the same moment. What luck? And of course the first face I see is the tenant I do not really prefer, and we attempt to smile at one another, however neither of us really falls for it.


Or, I can begin my day the ‘Law of Attraction’ way ; I wake up with the immediate habit of searching for small sweet aspects around me, and so my eyes first fall on the vibrant blue color of the new shirt, I had laid out last night for the special meeting today with my team whom I appreciate greatly. Then I stand and stretch allowing myself the moment to feel how strong my body actually is, and I appreciate how this great physical apparatus performs a myriad of tasks for me each and every day. I step into the shower, and I am thankful for the lovely hot water and when I am comfortably dried off, I stroll to the kitchen where my favorite coffee awaits to fill the air with its aroma. Then, by the time I actually step into the outer hallway, the coast is clear and I relish the quiet, as I sail down in the lift alone and unencumbered. And who is standing before me as the elevator door opens on the ground floor, but the attractive new neighbor who I have yet to meet, but with whom I had been wishing for a pleasant rendezvous. We each blush happily, and move on into our days with a feeling of delightful expectation.


So my fellow job seekers which way are you going to go?


    • ahmed - March 14, 2018

      I believe that the idea of ​​the law of attraction depends mainly on the person’s own ability to know his real strengths, which always collide with many of the external factors that frustrate him, which can make this person think he is weak and does not see his strengths
      For example, someone looking for a job outside his country .. He sees himself as one of the best people in his field, but clashes with the example that the most important factors of choice is to be experienced in work outside his country and this condition is very strange .. Do you want a professional or Want a husband for your daughter? Usually, this person begins to mistrust himself and his abilities and can stop the idea of ​​traveling abroad to work .. The talent remains buried somewhere because of his inability to maintain his confidence in himself

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      • AnAttractiveLife - March 25, 2018

        Thank you for your response to this article. “Unconditional Living” is the underlining key for a all that you have said here. Maintaining ones non-conditional approach to what is around you. We can not and need not control outer circumstances. We will always be surrounded by contrast which is the stimulus to our desires. By seeing the value in contrast which anything that causes us to add to want we want or do not want, we navigate and interpret all around us as useful to our growth. Beginning with the premise that we use our energy to create what we are and what we want then we do not need to control all the details outside us because we already are attracting what we want by following our positive aspirations and the wonderful responses are on their way to us.

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    • anurooph - March 14, 2018

      The ‘Law of Attraction’ way to start a day is quite impressive. Maintain your emotions and mind on the positive side and you begin to feel everything around you turning out to be positive and happy.

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    • AnAttractiveLife - March 25, 2018

      Yes exactly right. And the idea of ‘Momentum’ is crucial. You begin with a clean slate so to speak. And then you can build your train of thoughts in the direction you wish and the world will match this train of desire with its own similar things, people and experiences. Once your train starts it will build speed with every thought and emotion and positive or negative the only way to change its direction is to shut down your mind and sleep or meditate to gradually let go of the old momentum of ideas while you slowly begin a general subject which you prefer.

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