Number One Secret of Success for Job Seekers

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Ever heard of the bystander effect, or bystander apathy?

Basically, it is a social psychological claim that individuals are less likely to offer help to a victim when other people are present; the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that one of them will help. Does that tell you anything about how you should look for a job?  This article will teach the best way not to looking for a job!


The biggest mistakes job seekers make

As a recruitment agency that operates a popular job board ( we get thousands of calls, emails and instant messages on all our social media accounts.  Most of these incoming communication convey the same message, which is “I am desperately in need for a job, please help me!”.  Our answer has always been the same; “please check our job portal and if you see any job that fits you just apply”.

As a matter of fact, we never ever had a job for anyone who called asking for one, neither had our clients! One could argue that a lot people do actually succeed in landing jobs using this method.  However, it is either because the jobs offered are of low skills and pay or you the person is being very lucky to offer his service when and where it is most needed.


How professionals are hired?

A lot of key employers nowadays appoint professional recruiters for talent search and acquisition.  In return, they expect recruiters to get the best talents out there.  Therefore, recruiters will not settle for those knocking on their doors pleading for jobs.  As a matter of fact, recruiters in most cases, literally beg suitable candidates to send in their CVs while the common job seekers are bombarding, not only the recruiters but also everyone out there, with their CVs!



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Therefore, as a professional you should never offer your service or send out your resume unless somebody asked for it.


But I do need a job……

What has been said above is a law of the universe.  It will not change or mend to fit your circumstances.  On the contrary, the needier you get the less likely you will succeed in anything.  So stop spreading your CV and asking everyone if they could hire you.  Instead starting learning how to do it the right now.  The most straightforward technique is to enhance your market value.  Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb said: The value of a person is determined by what he masters.  Focus on mastering a skill that the market is willing to pay for.  Can job searching in such a competitive market be simpler than that?!


So, here are two lessons that will greatly help you land your dream job: 1)do not desperately ask to be hired, and 2)enhance your value to the market.  Meanwhile, you still need to learn some common job hunting advice that you get for free online.  Occasionally, we release reading materials that help you enhance your employability skills.  We promise to elaborate on this particular point in the next few articles.


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