Oman Salary Encyclopedia and GCC Cost of Living Comparison-2024

Finally, the new version of Oman Salary Encyclopedia is ready.  Our clients, employers in Oman and the GCC, have been relying on this encyclopedia to plan their payroll and HR requirements.  Oman Salary Encyclopedia and GCC Cost of Living Comparison 2024 contains more sectors and more job titles.  Surely, the information provided in this version are hard to find elsewhere as it evolved from our day-to-day interaction with employers.  Our job portal has thousands of jobs across all sectors.  Given our continuous interaction with job seekers, employers and regulatory entities, we are able to accurately project pay scale and pay structure in Oman.  This comprehensive report provides employers with a thorough insight about salaries in Oman.


What Employers Get from Oman Salary Encyclopedia 2024


  1. A Brief Research Analysis on Oman’s Economy and Employment Market in Oman During 2023 and a Glimpse on 2024
  2. Trends registered in salaries in Oman in 2023 and the likely impact on pay scale in 2024 and beyond
  3. A detailed salary survey of more than 1,700 job titles in private sector companies and government entities in Oman.  Definity, the survey includes all major sectors in Oman.  Such sectors are:
    • Logistics
    • Shipping
    • Construction
    • Oil and Gas
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Leasing and Finance
    • Food and Accommodation
    • Hospitality
    • IT
    • Legal
    • HR
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Manufacturing
    • Telecom
    • Government Sectors
    • Retail Business
    • Real Estate
    • Charitable Organizations


Compare Cost of Living in Oman to Other GCC cities

  1. Cost of living comparison between Muscat and other major cities in the GCC. Cities included in the survey are:
    • Abu Dhabi
    • Dubai
    • Jeddah
    • Riyadh
    • Damam
    • Doha
    • Manama
    • Kuwait


  1. A detailed guide on how businesses should set and negotiate salaries

Oman Salary Encyclopedia and GCC Cost of Living Comparison


Key Methodology Used in Conducting Oman Salary Encyclopedia

Initially, the study covered large companies in the major sectors.  Such sectors were: banking and finance, oil and gas, healthcare, logistics and transportation, hotel and tourism and construction.  Eventually, we expanded horizontally and vertically.  Horizontal expansion took the form of adding more sectors.  While vertical expansion entailed adding organizations of various sizes in each sector.


For example, salaries in hotel and tourism sector include hotels of various sizes and stars.  Similarly, we included titles and functions in all companies in the oil and gas sector.  Furthermore, we thoroughly shed the light on non-quantitative factors in determining salaries in each sector.  This shall help you better asses possible unnatural variations and discrepancies.


Finally, we integrate the affect of government policies and other external factors on salaries in Oman.  For example, the government sponsored Unemployment Insurance Scheme, changes to Oman labor law and other forces.

How employers can benefit from this Survey

Evidently, the purpose of this survey is to help employers benchmark their pay structure.  Naturally, many of our clients use the salary survey for budgeting purpose.  Furthermore, others rely on it when conducting feasibility study for new ventures.  It is also helpful for job seekers looking for jobs in Oman.  They can have a clear idea about salary levels in Muscat and other major Omani cities.


How to get your copy of Oman Salary Encyclopedia 2024

Oman Salary Encyclopedia comes in PDF format.  You can order your copy by writing to [email protected] or calling +968 91744799. In addition, you can buy your copy online here.