A Business Idea that Requires Less than $1,000 to Start- Cleaning Services

A Business Idea that Requires Less than $1,000 to Start- Cleaning Services


“A Business Idea that Requires Less than $1,000 to Start-Cleaning Services” is an ebook written for those who are serious about starting their own business but are mislead by the stigma that getting into business needs a lot of money.  This ebook is abstracted from the original book written in 2016 “48 Business Ideas that Require Less than $1,000 to Start”.  It presents a single idea listed in the original book.


This ebook will guide you through the entire process involved in establishing cleaning services business.  It will open your eyes to several secretes of establishing, running and making money from your tiny business.




how to start cleaning services business

Do you want to have your own company with as little as $1,000?

Start today and learn the secrets of how to build a multi-million dollar business with just a small amount of money


What you will learn from this book:


Essential Business Terms, Tools and Tactics

Step-by-step guide on how to start courier and delivery business with a few hundred dollars 

Essential Business Requirements any business owners should know about

The 8 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurship



take risk and start your business


If you want to start your business immediately buying this book is the only decision that requires you to think!

No kidding!!!

….this book will show you how to take your business idea into a reality, just follow the instructions and trust your guts and instincts that you are born to win and succeed!!!


Buy this book for only $2.49 and start your journey to financial freedom and living your dream




otherwise, spend this amount on upgrading your army on the simulation and strategy game on your mobile!


small business ideas you can start immediately

Buy and download “A Business Idea that Require Less than $1,000 to Start-Courier and Delivery” and start making a difference into your life and around you.  Reveal your true abilities to yourself first and to everyone around you.


This book busts several myths and misconceptions.  You really don’t need a deep pocket to launch a profitable business.  Pick an idea that works and work like a pro using a systematic implementation plan.  Use your money wisely and don’t overspend. 


Did you know?


The most sophisticated website nowadays should not cost you more than $100 to build and host!


Mastering a few SEO techniques can bring you thousands of customers for $50/month and less!


You can hire a professional to produce a video ad about your business for as little as $20!


Hiring an innovative graphic designer to create your corporate identity (logo and stationary) might cost you $5 only!



You really don’t need a million dollars capital to close multi-million deals and this book can prove it.


Affordable Business Ideas


This book is part of a series extracted from the Ebook “48 Business Ideas that Require Less than $1,000 to Start”

You can by this book for $2.49 or you can buy the original book for $19.99 here


If you are in Oman you can buy this book offline for RO1.00 (One Omani Rial) by writing to [email protected]




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