If You Have $1,000 You’ll Never Need a Job Again!

If You Have $1,000 You’ll Never Need a Job Again!



Dear Friend,

I’m going to tell you about an opportunity unlike any other you’ve ever heard.

An opportunity to learn how to transform yourself from a person looking for a better job to a person creates jobs to others. (Even become wealthy like those who made it.)  An opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, rapid business growth, marketing, publicity, how to succeed in business and so much more!


An opportunity to sit in the lap of ultimate opulence with an amazing eBook!

Before I tell you all about this Book (and how you can take advantage of it), I need to give you a little background.

Three years ago, I published an Book called “48 Business Ideas that Require Less than $1,000 to Start”.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs made the investment and started to realize the changes in their life.   The learnt amazing, yet easy to implement, business ideas, how to build a professional world-class website for less than $100, how to hire genius artists to design your corporate identity for $10 and less, how and where to find customers for your small business, how to hire expensive resources and much more.

Some readers had instant resolutions to long-standing problems. Others got priceless resources to move them forward to their dreams and goals.

In fact it was so powerful…

That gave me an INCREDIBLE idea!

I decided to write another book to dare those who are still in doubt.

And not just any Book.

This Book is like no other.  Not only will you be able to pick my brain dry about entrepreneurship, marketing, speed business growth and the discovering free and cheap resources that are otherwise bought for thousands of dollars by those who don’t about them.  “If You Have $1,000 You’ll Never Need a Job Again”, is a book written for those who are brave enough to achieve their dreams.


You read it right…. it only takes $1,000 and your desire to enter the world of business success…..


As in any time in your life, right now you have two options: work harder to find a job (or find a way to please your boss if you already have a job) or take a decision to take your life to a much higher level by starting your business today and grow it to a multi-million dollars business tomorrow.


Once more, this book is not for everyone.  It is OK if you want to stop here and go back to updating your resume or hoping for the economy to improve so you receive a better job offer or a salary increment.  However, if you think that you are cut building wealth and prosperity get this book.


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