Providing Recruitment Services in Oman

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Offering recruitment services in Oman

Our recruitment services in Oman has helped thousands of job seekers find their dream job.  Since was launched in 2012 it has contributed to hiring thousands in Oman and across the GCC. Hundreds of employers from Oman and abroad are relying on our recruitment agency and Recruitment services Omani job portal to hire Omanis and expats.  We have filled thousands of jobs in Oman and GCC online and offline.


Offering Jobs in Various Sectors in Oman and GCC Markets

Our job portal offers jobs in many sectors in Oman.  Such sectors include: banking and finance, oil and gas, construction, hospitality, real estate, retail, facilities management, manufacturing, agriculture, shipping and logistics and other sectors.


Job seekers can apply to jobs in Muscat, Sohar, Salalah, Duqm, Doha, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait City and Manama.


Oman Salary Encyclopedia

Our recruitment agency also publishes Oman Salary Encyclopedia which is an annual survey that lists the salary levels of every job title in every sector in Oman.  The latest version of Oman Salary Encyclopedia has more than 1,600 job titles in private sector companies of various sizes as well as salaries in the government of Oman.


Employers find Oman Salary Encyclopedia helpful in estimating a pay scale benchmark.  For instance, you can get the salary of a Surface Mount Technology Machine Operator in a medium-sized factory.  Similarly, the survey would highlight how the size of the organization (in terms of annual revenues) affect its salary levels.


Oman Salary Encyclopedia 2023 is available in PDF format for RO769.  You can order your copy by writing to [email protected] or calling 00968 91744799.

GCC Cost of Living Comparison

The survey also comes with a detailed and comprehensive cost of living comparison between Muscat and other major cities in the Gulf region.  This is useful for GCC countries planning to operate in Oman.  Likewise, employees currently working in Dubai, Doha, Kuwait City or any other city in the Gulf and planning to accept a job offer in Oman can gage the cost of living difference before making the move.


The Size of Our Recruitment Agency Database

As of the end of March we have accumulated more than 250,000 resumes of GCC nationals and expats ready for the next challenge.  Registrants in represent various sectors and come from various backgrounds.  Moreover, they are well spread across the world.  In the past 12 years, we have serviced more than 150 private sector companies and government agencies in Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain.


Offering Recruitment Services Online and Offline

Deficiently, companies of various sizes in Oman can enjoy our recruitment services online and offline.  Our job portal allows employers to post vacancies and directly receive and filter applications.  They can also gain access to our database of resumes to identify the most eligible candidates.


Furthermore, some employers in Oman avail for our offline recruitment services.  They prefer that we do the headhunting and shortlisting on their behalf.  In both cases, we have the tools, expertise and resources to deliver the best recruitment agency service in Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Kuwait.  Also, we extend our services way beyond mere recruitment and headhunting.


Hiring Teachers

Ibex Consulting, the agency that owns and operates lunched a new job portal for hiring teachers around the world.  Schools and other educational institutions and teachers and educators can now find each other easily. You can check it out at  Another specialized job portal has always joint the service.  This job portal is for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.  For more information please visit


Providing Other HR Solutions

Besides recruitment services in Oman, our agency provides a number of HR Solutions that include:

  • Omani and expat part-time and contract staff
  • Secondment of staff and manpower supply for high end posts
  • HR and Management Consultancy
  • Financial Consultancy
  • IT Consultancy
  • Training
  • Salary and compensation research
  • Cost of living analysis and statistics

Oman Salary Survey and GCC Cost of Living Comparison

Oman Salary Encyclopedia and GCC Cost of Living Comparison

As an ancillary services to support our recruitment services in Oman, we publish Oman Salary Survey on annual basis.  The survey is a comprehensive encyclopedia that covers salaries in more than 21 sectors.  In addition, it compares salaries and cost of living between Oman and the rest of the GCC.  Find out more about Oman Salary Survey and GCC Cost of Living Comparison here.

Companies looking to hire in Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain and Kuwait can send us an email with your requirements on [email protected] and we shall do the needful.