The Root of All Failure Promotion


Are you unemployed?

How you been passed over for promotion?

Is your business stagnant and not growing or declining?

A few months ago there was a debate over Promotion why a large segment of Omani freshers fail to get employed.  Almost everyone agreed that there was something wrong with the system.  They agreed that the system had to be changed.  I had a slightly different view.  I thought instead of attempting to change the system it would be worthwhile initiating the change within ourselves.


As a recruitment agency, we know for fact that companies are desperately looking for qualified nationals who are serious about working in the private sector.  On the other hand we see, talk to and deal with thousands of Omanis who are unemployed.  It seems obvious and straightforward, does not it? Just introduce the desperate employers with the desperate jobseekers and close the deal, right?  Well, it is never that easy as there always an obstacle.  Jobseekers always blame the system and wish for a change.


Besides jobseekers, we come across many unhappy employees who feel unappreciated and believe they are underpaid.  Some of them have jobs that others would die for yet they declare that they cannot wait to quit.  These unhappy employees are constantly praying for their boss to change, or even better, die!


The third category of people hoping for things to change to overcome failure or to progress in life are business owners.  I come across many of them as part of my management and financial consultancy practice.  Why are you not growing? Because the market is slow and the economy is shrinking. Why are your competitors growing despite the shrinking market? Because…ummm… tell you what, you are fired!


Everyone wishes for circumstances to change so they can move on.  The reality is that change is the only constant factor in our life.  For jobseekers there are always nationwide initiatives to absorb the unemployed.  For unhappy employers there are always new bosses and/or new jobs.  For unsuccessful entrepreneurs there are economic cycles and market opportunities.  Yet, nothing changes as far as those addicted to failure is concerned.


This was rather a long introduction and I believe you are ready to absorb the objective of this article.  The root of all failure is simply waiting for anything else to change while refusing to change oneself.  This unhealthy mentality can be reflected by one or more of the following habits:  Blaming others, justifying not trying hard and acting like a victim all the time.

Below are examples of how low and average performance is spurred through blaming others, justifying not trying hard and acting like a victim:

  • Jobseekers
    • There is a lobby with a hidden agenda whose objective is to prevent nationals from getting jobs and giving these jobs to expatriates
    • Business owners do not trust nationals
    • Expats will not allow nationals to learn and excel at work
    • I was called for an interview but it was too short a notice and I did not have a ride (I kid you not, this was an answer given by a fresher who complained about not getting a job on LinkedIn and I asked her to send in her resume and got the employer to call her to arrange for an interview on an urgent basis)
    • The salary offered is too little. I cannot live of this salary therefore, I would rather die unemployed



  • Unhappy employees
    • My boss is afraid of me taking over his/her job
    • My employer has always been known for not valuing high performers
    • Even if I try hard in my work my boss will not recognize it
    • What do you mean by upgrading my skills and market value? These things all cost money and my salary is never enough!



  • Unsuccessful business owners
    • You cannot succeed in business unless you give away your principles and start pulling strings in illegal or unethical manner
    • The bank does not lend me the required money to expand my business
    • Government regulations and restrictions are killing us


If you are to take away one advice from this article it would declare to yourself right now that you are the master and creator of your world and reality.  Nothing and nobody has control over what you are and what you can achieve.  Just look around and see how many successful people are there.  Associate with positive and real stories with happy endings instead of letting disaster and catastrophic episodes guide your way through life.  If you want to blame others, justify your failure or play the victim’s role you have practically secured a lifetime supply of failure.


Whether you choose failure or success the whole universe will surrender to your choice and gives you exactly what you ask for.

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