“The Universe – will never give to the needy!”



CORRECTION = The Universe can not give to ‘the needy’ because the needy person is always practicing this ‘needy’ magnet and the universe will match whichever outgoing frequency you are manufacturing. You say/think/feel that your life is hard, so the universe says – ok, I will give you more and more and more of that.

If you are feeling needy like you need far more than you have, then :

-you are practicing the habit of ‘LACK’ or ‘not enoughness’

-which means you see yourself as not rich

-and you see your world as not naturally abundant

-or abundant for others but not for you

-so you and your surroundings continue to be NOT enough


What can you do about it?

  1. i) Begin by – saying to yourself very very general statements in the direction you desire; however, these ideas must be ones you cansincerely believe in right now:

Such as “I can think of small things that I do like, at any moment in time.” Stay away from details which you know are not true as yet. ‘Go general’  with simple kind thoughts.

(Do not say things like – “I am rich, I have millions, I know I can have the car and house of my dreams,” which are useless statements because with every fantastical comment, deep down you are cancelling it with it’s opposite points like – “Who am I kidding? I have said this all before and nothing changed or improved in my life!”)

Instead, you can say many basic good things which are easy to feel as true:

I am a good person. I know I can figure this all out. I do not have to fix it all today. I can feel more and more worthy by reminding myself of all the good things that I have done. I do see beautiful things in the world, so I know they are there. I can start at the beginning, and step by step start to form thoughts that feel good to me. What feels good right this minute? Hmmmm? I look around and I notice how blue the sky is. Then I remember that repairman who was helpful to me yesterday. I smile when something goes right. I remember my best self whenever I say thank you to the people around me. I do sense, often that the world is trying to assist me. I can see the good if I just take a moment to look for it.

“Everything is always working out for me!”

My eyes from now on will look for evidence of this; evidence that there are always a myriad of things around me which are beneficial, and I will count them every chance I get. I can even do the ‘Count ten things that are good – Method’ on any subject.

What are 10 good things about my best friend, or about my city or about anything I want to focus on?

At first you can choose any easy topic with lots of obvious advantages to get your positive zone activated. Then once you get into the habit of it, you can try the harder topics like your grumpy boss or your noisy neighbors etc………..

And if you can not find even a few positive aspects about something or someone which is quite literally in your face often; then move to a different topic, or search  for one single positive quality about the person, no matter how trivial, like – their new hair cut, and appreciate it humorously for a short while just to stay connected to your ‘positive zone’. After only a few minutes of positive focus, you will sense how the universe is already matching your outlook by bringing to you more of the same; as a pleasant person calls your mobile, or someone in your office returns your lost pen; simple proof of your focusing on ‘the good’ for just a moment or two.

So look for the good stuff;

And it will surely find you – in return!

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