Top Future Jobs in the GCC Countries

find out about the job market in GCC in the next decade

Just like the rest of the world economies of the GCC countries, Bahrain, Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi, are expected to move into new direction.  The change is expected to affect the trend within the job market.  The following sectors are expected to offer plenty of job opportunities for both GCC citizens and expats:


Clean Energy GCC countries

Although GCC countries have been among the pioneers in shifting to alternative renewable energy yet they are well aware of the cost of falling further behind.  The pressure to preserve water, air and soil is amounting from within and from international treaties governing our relation with mother nature.  Solar Energy Technicians, Win Energy Technicians and Environmental Preservation Specialists are among the hot future titles that GCC countries will seek to hire.  As a matter of fact, almost all GCC countries have been particular about providing scholarship to their young high school graduates to study green energy.  This means that within the next decade there will be a sizable number of GCC citizens who are qualified to work in the sector where they are needed most.  This does not mean closing the door for international expertise.  Expats will still be needed across various levels of clean energy sector.


Medical and Healthcare GCC countries

The level of expertise in the medical and healthcare sector in the GCC has, generally, been law to moderate.  People are accustomed to getting basic medical treatment for most of the time.  However, once it gets serious they seek treatment in Thailand, India, Iran, England, Germany or the USA.  The size of the market could not really justify the intensive investment required for advanced health facilities.  However, as the market grows and the cost of treatment outside beats ordinary inflation levels the need for developing the medical and healthcare sector in the GCC arises.  So, if you are a Surgeon, Physical Therapist, Registered Nurse or a Health Services Manager we have a good news and a bad news for you.  The good news is that you will likely receive a job offer from Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi or Qatar.  The bad news is that children will still hate you.


Specialized IT

Application and Software Developers, Data Analysts, Digital Content Specialists, Information Security Analysts, Computer System Analysts and 3D Printing Technicians are sure to be in high demand in the GCC in a few years to come.  Demand for these professions is universal and every country in the world has to follow through.


Urban Agriculture & Food Production

It is no secret that the majority of food consumed in GCC is grown overseas.  Many geopolitical forces dictate that the region should seek to grow its own food in order to be sustainable.  However, given the nature in this part of the world we should consider sophisticated hydroponics and vertical farming methods.  Demand for professional urban farmers will likely grow as GCC citizens and governments realize that their survival depends on growing food locally.  Many initiatives have been taken by GCC countries to secure an interrupted supply for food.  Oman is about to complete Phase I of a major Dairy and Livestock project.  Qatar has achieved impressive results in developing full-fledged dairy farms in a record time.  UAE and Saudi are already ahead in their quest to attain self-sufficiency in dairy production.


Other Interesting Professions GCC countries

Nanotech Engineer, Biomech Technician, Genetic Engineer, Virtual Reality Designer, Synthetic Biology Engineer, Weather Control Engineer, Personal Microbiome Manager, Pharmaceutical Artisan and many other fancy titles you may have never heard of might be included in the list of hot future jobs in the GCC.  The demand for these fancy professions is likely to remain moderate for years to come.  However, it is worthwhile to consider a career in any of these fields.


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