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Make your profile visible to employers in Oman

Highlight your resume and circulate it among potential employers. Post your profile on our LinkedIn page and let hundreds of employers know about your credentials.

Premium Resume Package

$25.99 90 Days

What you get

Premium Resume Package is a service we offer to job seekers who register on This service enhances visibility of your resume among potential job seekers in Oman. Furthermore, it helps employers know that you are available and eligible for any potential opening.

  • Highlight Your Resume

    First of all, we will highlight your resume to potential recruiters registered as Employers on our job board. Your resume will remain under the direct spotlight for 90 days. Subsequently, it will remain on our database. That means employers can still see it when they search our database of resumes.

  • Circulate your profile across recruiters online and offline

    We will post your name, title and other relevant professional information on our LinkedIn page. Thus, allowing thousands of employers to know that you are available. In addition, we will regularly publish posts containing a brief intro about biodata. Our posts reach out to hundreds of readers.

  • Introduce your profile for on going jobs

    As a recruitment agency, we continuously receive job vacancies from our clients (employers). If you have a Premium Resume Package and your profile matches that we get from employers, we will immediately present you as a candidate. The employers can then decide if they would want to shortlist you.

  • Suggest your CV to potential employers in Oman

    We send out weekly newsletters to employers from various sectors in Oman. The recipients of our newsletter include: owners of SMEs, HR managers of medium and large companies and other decision makers. Employers interested in your profile can contact you directly shall they have suitable openings.

  • Free salary advice

    As part of our employment market research activities we regularly publish reports on salaries in Oman. In addition, we advise employers and job seekers on cost of living in Oman and compare it with the other GCC cities. We will send your an email advising you on the salary range for your caliber.

  • Suggest correction and editing of your resume

    Given our experience in the job market in Oman, we can help you improve your employability chances. We will gladly help you correct your resume to look more appealing. In addition, we will advise you if the job you are looking for is not available due to Omanization or other legal restrictions.

  • Other advice related to the job market in Oman

    Finally, as a Premium Resume Package buyer, you may send us an email requesting information relevant to employment in Oman. For instance, we can help you understand salary and benefits, labor law, family status, annual leave and many other issues.

What you should NOT expect from buying Premium Resume Package?

We do Not guarantee that you will find a job. We only help push your resume and make it visible to potential employers
We are NOT a manpower agency. So, please do not expect us to search for a job that suits you.
Nobody other than you is responsible for writing your CV
If you receive a job offer from any employer it is your responsibility to negotiate the terms and conditions. We only provide advice when you ask for it
There will be no refund once your profile in online and your CV is in circulation

Premium Resume Package

$25.99 90 Days

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Half-Year, Full Access!

6-Month Resume View

$2,199.00 only
  • Access to 3000 Resumes
  • Caniddate Featured On Demand
  • C.V displayed for 15 days
  • Premium Support 12 hours/day
3 Quarters, 1 Plan

9-Month Resume View

$2,499.00 only
  • Access to 4000 Resumes
  • Caniddate Featured On Demand
  • C.V displayed for 180 days
  • Premium Support 12 hours/day
Enjoy full access to resume database all year round

12-Month Resume View

$3,199.00 only
  • Unlimited Views
  • Access to 60 Resumes
  • Caniddate Featured On Demand
  • C.V displayed for 60 days
  • Premium Support 24/7