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General HR Consultancy
Management Consultancy
Financial Consulting
IT Consultancy
Technical and Security
Staff Secondment
  • Omanization
  • HR Strategy.
  • Head Hunting.
  • Compensation and Benefits.
  • Chang management’.
  • Setting up HR Department.
  • Job Descriptions.
  • Performance management.
  • Talent Management & Succession planning.
  • HR Audit.
  • Gradation & Structure.
  • Payroll outsourcing.
  • Designing the organization structure.
  • Creating the career pathway of the organization.
  • Designing the job description and objectives.
  • Developing the SMART GOALS and Mentoring the KPI.
  • Focusing on Performance management and evaluation assessments.
  • Organizing the training development plan for the employees and clients.
  • Designing the salary plan and promotions.
  • Preparing the Business Plan for starting a new business.
  • Accounting (on-site/remote) & finalization services
  • Shared CFO Services & MIS (Management support Services)
  • Internal Audit
  • Forensic Audit –Financial Fraud investigation
  • VAT Consultation & Implementation
  • Corporate tax Consultancy, filing/representation
  • Feasibility study
  • Advise foreign companies to start a business in Oman
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Strategy & Strategic planning
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Process re-engineering
  • International market entry.
  • Marketing strategy, Branding and market research.
  • Cost control techniques.
  • Fixed Asset review and verification.
  • Debt Management & Collection.
  • Developing Policies & Procedures.
  • System Selection & implementation
  • Process Automation
  • International collaboration
  • Study tour/experimental learning
  • Online Courses, tools & assessments
  • SEO and Social Media accounts management
  • Security and safety analysis
  • Threat analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Complete and partial protection systems
  • Hazard prevention plan
  • Security survey and risk assessment
  • Re-engineering resources according to the security and technology needs of the institution
  • Modern technical methods for managing information networks to reduce intrusions
  • Analysis and testing of technical penetrations
  • Combating extortion and electronic threat
  • Commercial espionage reports, scams, fraud, intellectual property rights and creators’ rights, and preliminary background investigations before contracting
  • Analyze the risks of modern and ready-made software for enterprises and how to reduce risks
  • Making security reports on facilities, complexes, markets, companies, and private and government hospitals
  • Raising the efficiency of civil security guards and increasing the efficiency of information security personnel
  • Modern technologies according to the global security standard
  • Security and counselling programs
  • Security awareness workshops
  • Restructure and develop security plans, policies, and procedures
  • Direct Sales Staff/Merchandizers
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Part-time staff
  • Outsourcing Finance, IT and Marketing functions
  • Costumer data collection
  • Training
  • Payroll management
  • Partners 19
  • Engagements Completed 75
  • Training Programs 122
  • Persons Trained 4512

Experience in HR consulting in Oman and the GCC

Let's help you optimize your HR performance, minimize cost and maximize return. Our experience, expertise and deep market knowledge is at your command
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Key staff issues we can help you resolve

Programs specifically designed to tackle common issues

Since establishment in 2009, Ibex Financial and Management Consulting has worked with hundreds of organizations in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain.  Our HR consultancy services revolves around our belief that organizations have more than what they require to tackle challenges.  In other words, we help our clients to look within to grow.  Besides, we do not encourage overspending and strive to help you optimize your resources.


Our HR consultancy services in Oman aims to aide you:

  • Minimize staff turnover
  • Staff motivation and empowerment
  • Clear common ethical issues
  • Pass management vision across the organization
  • Create sales champions
  • Set key recruitment standards
  • Cost and resources utilization efficiency

Our Partners

We joint hands with Al Rashed Business and Academy who in turn has an impressive number of word-class brands to provide all sorts of consulting services in HR, IT, Financial and other consultancy services.


Al Rashed Business and Academy is our key HR consulting associate and partner. This partnership allows us to render most of our HR consultancy services in Oman. Al Rashed Business Academy has successfully completed several key assignments.

Abdullah Al Araimi

Suhail Bahwan Group

Our dealings with have been fruitful and convenient. Our recruitment demand especially at the executive levels has been met and we look forward to use this recruitment platform for more hirings in Oman.

Anees Sultan

W J Towell Group

The relationship between our group and beyond plain recruitment and headhunting services. The insight about Oman job market and salary in Oman regularly published by this recruitment agency has helped us in planning our HR requirements.

Adnan Al Balushi

Oman International Container Terminal

We deal with this recruitment agency to source qualified candidates for most of our port operations. has helped us fill up many technical positions.

Amar El Awadh

Green Energy & Envrionmental Services-Qatar

The relationship between our company and started many years back. They have secured suitable candidates for hundreds of vacancies to work in our company as well as some of our associates and clients in Qatar.

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HR and Management Consulting Services in Oman

We provide a comprehensive HR solutions in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain.
Our HR and management solutions aim at helping employers focus on their core competence and leave support matters to us.

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