Manpower Outsourcing Services in Oman

About our Manpower Outsourcing Services in Oman

Our Manpower Outsourcing Services in Oman aims at facilitating manpower for companies that operate in Oman.  Whether or not you are officially established in Oman, you can still access our Manpower Outsourcing Services in Oman.  We understand the needs and the complexity of obtaining work permits in Oman and we are here to help you.


Hiring Omani Nationals or Expat

Manpower Outsourcing Services in Oman

We provide manpower of all nationalities.  We streamline the hiring process to help you comply with local regulations.  In addition, we have a large database of Omanis and expats with the exact skills and talents your business require.  Our experience in Oman’s market enables us to identify the right candidates.  Furthermore, we have the knowledge and abilities to get them on board ASAP.


Various Sectors

When it comes to manpower outsourcing services in Oman we are confident to cover as much fields and sectors as possible.  We help local, regional and international businesses hire Omanis and expats in the following sectors:

Oil and Gas

We help you hire engineers or technicians in upstream, midstream or downstream. You can rely on our services to hire petroleum engineers geophysics, surveyors, wellhead pumpers or any other caliber.


You can count on us in sourcing and recruiting mechanical, electrical and civil engineers. In addition, we provide other technical calibers in the field of construction.  Such calibers are: Quantity Surveyor, Estimators, Store Keepers and other related functions.

Renewable Energy

We recently started supplying constructors and consultants in the renewable energy field with necessary manpower. For example, we can help you recruit BESS Engineers and Technicians, Turbine Experts, MV-LV Electrical Engineers and Supervisors, Environmental Permitting Officers, HSE Officers and others.

Banking and Financial Services

Our manpower outsourcing services in Oman for banks and financial services mainly revolve around sales and IT.  We have worked with banks and insurers through providing them direct sales staff. In addition, our database of potential customers of different profiles helped our clients target and acquire the right clientele.

Events Management

Providing hosts and event managers is a frequent task on our portfolio.  The unique nature of event management is the very short nature of these assignments.  Mainly, it involves providing Omani staff to supervise and attend short-term events.  Our strength in this domain is derived from our ability to source the right candidates.

Other Service Sectors

Throughout our history, we supplied manpower to companies across all key sectors in Oman.  To name a few: retail, shipping and logistics, real estate development, healthcare, education and many others. Additionally, we worked with companies in that operate in very specific niche.  For instance, we delivered projects involving traffic monitoring, space utilization, mystery shopping and promotion of high-end brands of highly specialized items.


Flexible Arrangements

In summary, you can dictate your plan and terms when choosing our manpower outsourcing services in Oman.  Effectively, you just need to determine the following:

  • Number of resources
  • Duration of the contract
  • Type of resources
  • Administrative fees structure
  • Service levels

Once you provide the above requirement, we are ready to supply our complete proposal.


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