Looking for a Recruitment Agency in Oman

If you are planning to start a business and looking for a recruitment agency in Oman www.jobibex.com can surely help you.  This Omani job portal has been servicing local, regional and international employers since 2012.  Over the past decade we have helped hundreds of companies search, shortlist and successfully placed Omanis, GCC nationals and expats not only in Oman but also in Qatar, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain.


Services Our Requirement Agency Provides to Employers


  1. Headhunting across multilevel and across all industries and sectors

We hire Directors, CEOs, VPs, GMs, Department Heads, Unit Heads, Line Managers, Supervisors, Assistants, Technical Staff, Clerks and Labors.  We cover a wide range of sectors such as: Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Education, Logistics, Retail, IT, Professional Services and many other sectors.


  1. Salary Survey in Oman

Since 2019 we have been publishing our annual Oman Salary Encyclopedia that covers over 1,700 job titles in more than 20 sectors in Oman.  This comprehensive survey helps employers establish an accurate benchmark for PayScale in Oman.  Find out more about Oman Salary Encyclopedia here.


  1. Cost of Living Comparison in the GCC

The recent versions of Oman Salary Encyclopedia come with an additional supplement that seeks to compare cost of living between Muscat and other major cities in the Gulf.  This additional part of Oman Salary Encyclopedia helps employers as well as job seekers compare the purchasing power of salaries across the GCC region.


  1. Employee Reference Check

Although it could be a sensitive issue, checking candidates’ credentials before issuing a job offer is very useful.  Definitely, employers have to verify the bio-data provided by applicants to avoid bad hiring decision.


For Candidates in Oman we search across various sources such as ex-employers and former colleagues.  We also require candidates to present certain certificates from the authority to authenticate the information about the candidate who is about to become employees with our clients.


For candidates coming from outside Oman we have established tie-ups with reputed agencies around the world.  These agencies specialize in performing thorough background check on candidates in many countries.

  1. Various Types of HR Consultancy

Our services include: Human Capital Strategy, Drafting HR Manuals, Compensation & Benefits, Organizational Change, HR Function, Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Development and HR Technology.


We have also designed a program that improves staff loyalty called “I belong”.  This program aims at retaining staff by demonstrating the value and contribution of each staff member to the organization.  In addition, the program helps junior staff envisage a career path within their respective employer.


We also delivered a special program called “My Job My Oath” that was designed for employees in the oil and gas sector in Oman.  The program promoted code of ethics and conducts among the staff.


A Growing Database of Omani and Expat Resumes


Although we focus on quality rather than quantity, but over the years our job portal has attracted over 250,000 registrants.  We continue to grow our resume database without compromising on the quality of our database.  Most of the job seekers registered on www.jobibex.com have local and regional experience.  However, there are many excellent job seekers who come from outside the region.


Recruiting Online and Offline


As an Omani recruiting agency, we allow recruiters to decide their preferred channel of hiring.  You can gain access to our resume database or post vacancies directly on our job portal.  You can also benefit from our offline headhunting capabilities.

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How Can You Start Recruiting in Oman

  1. Visit jobibex.com and register as Employer and choose the package that suits your needs
  2. Send an email to [email protected] with details about your company and specific staff requirements
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