Jobs in Oman in 2019

Jobs in Oman


This post casts light on employment market in Oman in 2019.  Here are guidelines for jobseekers looking for jobs in Oman.  Obviously, some of these guidelines are good anywhere in the world.  They apply to applicants within skilled labor categories.  So, if you are looking for a job in Oman in 2019 learn the following:

Admin jobs are, mostly, for Omanis only

Admin and secretarial jobs in Oman are mostly for Omani citizens.  Similarly, HR jobs are seldom given to non-Omanis.  Therefore, avoid wasting your time chasing these jobs.  You might be lucky to land a temporary role or a consulting assignment.  However, you can not count on administrative jobs in Oman if you are planning long-term.


Work permits for expats will be more difficult

Our experience in helping Omani employers search and recruit skilled professions has taught us a lot.  If we are to summarize our experience it would be in Oman word “Omanization”.  Omanization ratios across most major sectors are on the rise.  Employers are incentivized when hiring Omanis and indirectly penalized when not.  Nevertheless, there are enough jobs in Oman!


Certain sectors are limited to Omanis

Banking, leasing, insurance, hospitality and tourism, retail and transportation are almost closed to non-Omanis.  The Omanization ratio for some of these sectors is above 90%.  This means if you hire one expat you will have to hire 9 Omanis to maintain the ratio.  This policy has succeeded in employing Omanis.  Naturally, the government will replicate it in other sectors.


Desperate is really bad!

A lot of time we receive calls on our office telephone or email messages literally saying: Sir, I need job please! We definitely do not hired by our clients for referring job seekers who “need” jobs.  Thus, even if you are desperately looking for a job in Oman or anywhere in the world at least stop sounding desperate.  Instead, get your act together and follow a systematic approach.


Labor laws in Oman are fair

We have witnessed many disputes between employers and employees in Oman.  Regardless of your nationality, you get fair treatment when it comes to labor law.  Nevertheless, violators of labor laws get harsh treatment.  Penalties start with a few hundred Rials in fine.  The could elevate to imprisonment and deportation.  Know your rights and never forget your obligations.


Omani employers are particular about the quality

Employers in Oman realize the limitation of organic growth.  This is very true for the local market.  Therefore, they realize it is time to compete outside.  Typically, your need stronger calibers and staff abilities.  Even to withstand local competition you can be of inferior quality compared to direct competitors.  Thus, Omani employers are competing for candidates of relatively higher quality.


…and about the cost

Until recently, the government of Oman was the largest costumer for the majority of Omani businesses.  The margins were very comfortable.  The situation has changed.  Declining oil prices and raising public expenditures have led this change.  In simpler terms, margins from government contracts are tighter.  This will reflect upon staff salaries.  Frankly, the year 2019 is not likely to be an easy one for the economy.  Therefore, businesses will watch out spending carefully.  Other GCC countries share the same concern.  Salaries offered to expats have declined.  This is evident in all GCC countries.


Do not bother traveling to Oman to search for a job!

We are surprised to see a lot of travelers who came to Oman to look for jobs.  Some of them would insist on visiting our office to drop their CVs.  We are very firm about CV submission.  We, as well as most employers and recruiters, only entertain electronically submitted CVs.  It make sense as soft copies are easy to circulate among employers.  Coming to Oman to search for a job is expensive and risky.  If you are looking for a job in Oman use the internet.  Apply online or send your CV to dedicated address.


Read and follow instructions on how to apply

Read the job ad carefully.  Follow the instruction.  If the job is for Omanis only, then it is for Omanis only.  If the job requires an oncologist you cannot apply hopping the employer is also looking for a plumber.  The amount of effort and time wasted in reading resumes could be reduced significantly if only suitable applicants respond to the ad.  Simply, do not apply for every vacancy out there.


Certain professions are hot and will remain so for a while

Apparently, Some professions remain on high demand in Oman in 2019.  For instance, in the healthcare, nurses and doctors are welcome.  Similarly, teachers, lecturers, professors and other education professionals can look into Oman’s market.  Personal care professionals like trainers, beauticians, dietitian and others remain on demand.  Sales and business development personnel stand greater employment chances in 2019.  The ones with Oman and GCC experience and driving license can join immediately!


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