What You Should Know About Oman Salary Encyclopedia 2023

Oman Salary Encyclopedia 2023 and GCC Cost of Living Comparison has been published towards the end of 2022.  The encyclopedia is a comprehensive study of salaries in Oman for both Omani and expats in private and public sectors.  It contains salary information of 19 industries and more than 1,600 job titles in small, medium, large and extra large organizations.  It is available to Omani employers as well as international and regional businesses contemplating doing business and hiring in Oman.  Get your copy here.

The Objective of Oman Salary Encyclopedia

As an Omani recruitment agency and part of our comprehensive HR and recruitment solution we issue an annual salary survey to track salaries in Oman across all sectors.  The purpose of this survey is to help employers benchmark their pay structure.  Many of our clients use the salary survey for budgeting purpose.  Others rely on it when conducting feasibility study for new ventures.  It is also helpful for job seekers looking for jobs in Oman to have a clear idea about salary levels in Muscat and other major Omani cities.


The Bonus-GCC Cost of Living Comparison

Oman Salary Survey 2023 has a bonus section that compares salaries and cost of living in Muscat against all major cities in the GCC.  These cities are Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Manama and Kuwait City.  The study benchmarks the salary received in Muscat and estimates its equivalent in these cities.  It shows the cost of a list of itemized products and services essentials for consumers.  Such products and services include: food, transportation, consumer products, dining, accommodation, children school fees, fuel and many other items.


Oman Salary
Oman Salary

The GCC Cost of Living Comparison is helpful to regional companies hiring Omanis and expats in Oman.  It also helps individuals working in another GCC country to evaluate job offers in Oman.

Sectors Covered in Oman Salary Survey

The survey covers the salaries of more than 1,600 job titles in the following industries:

  1. Logistics
  2. Shipping
  3. Construction
  4. Oil and Gas
  5. Healthcare
  6. Education
  7. Banking
  8. Insurance
  9. Leasing and Finance
  10. Food and Accommodation
  11. Hospitality
  12. IT
  13. Legal
  14. HR
  15. Accounting and Finance
  16. Manufacturing
  17. Telecom
  18. Mining and Quarrying
  19. Government Sectors

General Assumption

  1. No Major difference between Salaries of Omanis and Expats
  2. Expenses associated with expat employees are not incorporated in this study
  3. The survey focuses on sectors that employ a sizeable number of Omani workers
  4. No consideration to pay disparity arising from geographic areas
  5. Pay scale in every sector is presented in an average that reflects the size of organization rather than experience and qualifications
  6. Bonuses, commissions and other perks are not added
  7. White-collar jobs salaries are listed on inclusive basis (include desert and other allowances) and blue-collar jobs salaries are based on the cash portion only

Latest Development in Oman’s Job Market

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 there have been several regulatory and market forces that might have affected the employment market in Oman.  In fact, salaries and pay structures as well as the cost of living in Oman have witnessed some impact due to these changes.  The following are some of these changes:

  1. Lifting the employment restrictions for expats over 60
  2. Reduction of Salary Structure for New Government Employees
  3. Allowance Cuts for Government Employees
  4. Drastic Cost-Cutting Policy in Quasi-Government Companies
  5. Job Security Scheme
  6. Waiver of Minimum Wage Threshold
  7. Subsidies and Reduction of Water and Electricity Tariffs
  8. Fuel Subsidy
  9. More Goods Exempted from VAT
  10. Reduction of Government Fees for Expat Labor Clearance

Our forecast for salaries in Oman during 2023 is summarized below:

1. The government having budget surplus due to the soaring oil prices will focus on providing employment within the public sector and subsidizing employment of nationals in the private sector. A substantial number of young Omanis have joint the private sector in 2022 under a scheme whereby the government pays up to RO450/month of their salary.

2. The government is likely to revisit the minimum salary set at RO325 since 2011 to adjust for inflation. An increase of 8% to 15% in minimum wage is likely to come into force during 2023. This will be universal in both the private and the public sectors.


Oman Salary
Oman Salary
Oman Salary
Oman Salary

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