How to Sell anything on LinkedIn

How to Sell anything on LinkedIn


If you have a LinkedIn account but you are not using it to generate more sales, close deals or at least get a better job, this book will surprise you.  The book will demonstrate to you how to make more money on LinkedIn, step-by-step.


There are over half a billion professionals who are well-educated, earning above average income and are open to some sorts of business using LinkedIn around the world.  These are not celebrities telling you how much they love you as their audience or some stupid people trying to get famous.  These are chairmen, business owners, CEOs, VPs, Directors, engineers, doctors, lawyers, artists, college students and others.  Now imagine that you have these people sitting in front of you and eagerly waiting for you to tell them about your product or service.  What would you tell them?  Imagine that if you impress them they would bombard you with purchase orders.


Whether you are a business owner aspiring to grow your business, a salesperson struggling to meet challenging targets, an employee looking for another job with better prospects or a job seeker, LinkedIn can offer exactly what you are looking for and even more, much more.

If LinkedIn is not bringing you more value and wealth stop and reconsider your strategy and learn the proper way to use LinkedIn.

Read this book and become The LinkedIn Rainmaker who is capable of doing wonders using nothing but his or her free LinkedIn account.


This book will teach you how to:

  • Why LinkedIn is better than other social media platforms to promote yourself or your business
  • Adopt the right mindset required to become a LinkedIn Rainmaker
  • Craft your LinkedIn profile to be recognized by humans as well as search engines
  • Choose the people you should connect with and who are the ones you should ignore and avoid
  • Approach your customers and throw your sales pitch
  • Decided what to say and what not to say while using LinkedIn
  • Reveal powerful yet hidden tools of LinkedIn


You have a choice to make today…


You can either continue using LinkedIn for fun and reading posts here and there and liking them or you may decide to dive in the LinkedIn Ocean and start extracting the hidden wealth.


This book summarizes the author’s personal experience of using LinkedIn for the past 12 years.  It should take you no more than 3 hours to read but it will surely change you.


If you are in Oman you can buy this book offline at RO300 (Three Omani Rials) by writing to [email protected]


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