Salaries in Bahrain

salaries in Bahrain

Legally, no minimum salaries in Bahrain for expats.  However, the market has determined minimum wage for each title and industry.  The pay levels for foreign workers are usually lower than those for Bahraini nationals.  However foreigners are usually entitled for free housing, free transport, and free healthcare among other benefits.  Naturally, it all depends on the employer.  Mostly, Bahrainis never receive any of these benefits. This could make life easier for expats than for Bahrainis.  Labor laws in Bahrain link wages of Bahraini nationals to their qualification.  It is 300BD for high school graduates, 380BD for diploma holders, and 450BD for bachelor’s holders. 


Salaries of Major Professions in Bahrain


The table below lists the median salary for some key positions in Bahrain:

ProfessionMonthly Median Salary BD
Business Development Manager 1,100
Sales Engineer 700
Executive Secretary 573
Secretary 500
General Operation Manager2,946
Design Architect626
Finance Manager1,536
IT Consultant1,487
Mechanical Engineer683
Project Manager (IT)2,020
Project Manager (Construction)2,946
Project Manager (General)1,492
Software Engineer857
HR Manager      1,008


The table below illustrates salaries of some positions recently posted on

PositionAverage Monthly Salary (BD)
CEO (Multinational)12,464
CEO (Local)8,913
Hotel General Manager5,372
Head Teacher/Principal4,199
Real Estate Manager3,112
HR Manager2806
Recruitment Manager2,678
Facilities Management Manager1,964
Healthcar GP1,807
Bank Branch Manager1,495
Digital Marketing Specialist1,575


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